Wearable E-massage Textiles (Sock)

Wearable E-massage Textiles-Sock OHA smart cable



Wearable E-massage Textiles is an innovative textile that is universally compatible with commonly seen TENS devices, and it can also connect to your smartphone through designated USB Cable.
Its design as textiles creates a unique experience for electrotherapy session, enabling larger area of micro current stimulation that fits right to your body. User then can freely activate electrotherapy, massage or electrical muscle stimulation simply by using smartphone app.

  • New generation electrotherapy conductive garments for comfortable electrotherapy.
  • Comprehensive and thorough electrical stimulation.
  • Washable, recommend to hand wash or delicate wash in washing machine with laundry bag.
  • Soft and reusable.
  • Compatible with most devices such as TENS, EMS, IFC, etc.
  • Controllable using smartphone/tablet application for therapy.
  • Paired with any TENS device.
  • Paired with any EMS device.
  • Paired with OHA smart cable
Material: Silver Fiber

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