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Brand Story: I-Fun-Song

"Investing in health is the best investment for a lifetime." - Gilbert K. Chesterton

The mission of I-Fun-Song is to help individuals achieve a balance of body and mind, and enhance their health and happiness through innovative products and experiences. We believe that when people learn to relax and take care of themselves, they can better face challenges and enjoy the beauty of life.

In the name of I-Fun-Song, "I" represents each individual, emphasizing their value and uniqueness. "Fun" highlights the enjoyment and pleasure in life, while "Song" symbolizes harmony and tranquility. By combining these three elements, we form the core philosophy of the brand –

I-Fun-Song's products aim to provide various pathways and methods for relaxation of the body and mind. We prioritize quality and design, and are committed to delivering the best user experience to meet the needs of different individuals.


Miseng International Co., Ltd., established in 2000, started by exporting surveillance systems and access control devices. In 2009, we ventured into respiratory safety with advanced pipeline cleaning equipment from the United States, leading to the establishment of Green King Co.

In 2019, we expanded into designing and selling leisure and healthcare equipment under the brand I-Fun-Song, in response to the global trend of population aging and the demand for health and wellness.

Miseng International remains committed to innovative solutions prioritizing safety, health, and well-being. Our diverse portfolio includes I-Watch ® surveillance systems, Clean+® respiratory safety equipment and I-Fun-Song® leisure and healthcare equipment.

With a focus on quality, technology, and customer satisfaction, Miseng International adapts to meet the changing needs of our global clientele.

By aligning with SDGs, we contribute to health (SDG 3), sustainable cities (SDG 11), and climate action (SDG 13). Our goal is to create a sustainable, healthy, and prosperous future.

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